Frequently Asked Questions

How does a collateral pawn loan work?

Simply put, customers may obtain cash loans in minutes on everyday items of value.  Pawn loan terms in the state of Florida are 60 days in length; broken up into two 30-day periods.  Loan terms may be extended upon mutual agreement between the customer and TB Goods.  In the event the loan is not paid in full by the due date, including any applicable grace periods, the collateral is surrendered to TB Goods as payment in full.  Defaulted loans are currently not required to be reported to any credit agencies and will NOT affect your credit score whatsoever.

Can a loan term be extended if I need more time?

Yes.  Upon mutual agreement between the customer and TB Goods, loan terms may be extended.  You will be required to pay a portion of the interest owed on your loan in order to extend the loan term.  Verbal agreements for additional days are non-binding.

Will my item be safe while in the possession of TB Goods?

Yes.  Each item is securely stored and fully insured.  TB Goods also utilizes the latest security technology, such as 24 hour video surveillance and time delay safes.

My copy of the Pawn Transaction Form has been lost, destroyed, or stolen. How do I obtain a new copy?

TB Goods will reprint a copy of the transaction form for a fee of $2.00 per copy.  As the pledgor, you are required by Florida law to notify TB Goods in the event of a lost, destroyed, or stolen Pawn Transaction Form.  This transaction form is required to be presented by the pledgor at the time the loan is paid in full.

How are loan values determined for pre-owned items?

TB Goods' loan values are based on the current “pre-owned” resale value of the item in question with special attention being placed on the item's age, condition, and desirability.  In some cases this value may be vastly different compared to the new retail price of the item.  Our company uses multiple up-to-the-minute resources to help provide our customers with a competitive loan product.

How does TB Goods determine the price of gold, silver, and platinum?

Prices for precious metals are based on the global markets.  Similar to any investment, the price of precious metals fluctuates daily.  Another factor that affects the value of precious metals is the purity within a specific item.  For example, a 10K piece of jewelry has a lower gold content (purity) than a piece of 14K gold of equal weight.


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Does TB Goods buy gold, silver, and platinum?

Yes.  TB Goods will offer to purchase gold, silver, and platinum in any condition.  Contact one of our Sales & Lending Associates today for a free quote!

Does TB Goods loan money on automobiles and watercraft?

Yes.  TB Goods may loan money on automobiles and watercraft at our locations equipped to securely store such collateral.  Currently, both our location in Gainesville, Florida and our location in Alachua, Florida are equipped to accommodate such loan transactions.

Are there laws that regulate the pawn industry in Florida?

Yes.  There are many federal, state, and local laws that regulate the pawn industry.  Current laws regulating the pawn industry in Florida include:

Florida Pawnbroker Act
Truth In Lending Act (TILA)
Equal Credit Opportunity Act
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Patriot Act
Federal Trade Commission Rules on Data Privacy and Security Transfer

Current government agencies regulating the pawn industry:

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
Treasury Department