Meet Our Staff

 Jason - A New Yorker who's been in this area since 2003, Jason started at TB Goods in the summer of 2012, and is a manager at both our Alachua and Gainesville locations.

 Angel -  Angel is one of our managers at our Gainesville location. She grew up in Jacksonville, but moved to this area in 1999, and joined the TB Goods staff back in 2011.        

 Andrea - In her off-time, 'Dre' enjoys lifting weights, outdoor activities, and the beach, as well as being a personal trainer. Come in and see Dre at our Gainesville location.
 Noah - A friendly gun guru from our own backyard in Newberry, Noah brings a wealth of knowledge in firearms and backyard BBQ.   

Tim - Tim is a man with a lot of knowledge to share. He knows things about things. Stop by our Alachua store, and he can help you out.   

 Ben - Born and raised in Florida, Ben settled in Alachua in 2011, and has been working at both TBGoods locations since October 2013.   

 Rob -  A long-time member of our team, Rob has been with TB Goods for over 16 years, and is one of our managers. He's been in the Gainesville area since 1984, and is our lead jewelry and repairs expert.  

 Renzo - A transplant originally from Peru, he's traveled the world, then settled into Alachua back in 2001. He joined TB Goods in 2011, and has been a strong sales and lending associate at our Gainesville location since.

 Adam -   Adam, a Central Florida native, joined our team this year as one of our sales and lending associates. Come visit him and pick his brain at our Gainesville location  

 Andi -  Hailing from 'Duval', Andi is a master of all-things aquatic (as long as it's surfing, of course). Visit her in both Gainesville and Alachua stores.

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