Introducing Our New Preferred Rate & VIP Program!

When emergencies pop up and you need that extra cash to help out, TB Goods is there with Cash Loans in Minutes…and now, we've made it even easier to save money at TB Goods with our large loan discounts and our new Preferred Rate & VIP Program!


TB Goods has been there for you when you needed a little extra help, and to show our continued loyalty and thanks, TB Goods will give you our Preferred Rate, lowering your finance charge, reducing the amount it costs to redeem your items…and that all adds up to saving you money!
In addition to the great customer service and low rates from the Preferred Rate, there's our VIP Program where you'll get up to 10% off all your loans! That's savings that can add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and just another way that TB Goods offers the best services and prices, and the best value for your money.

Sometimes you need just a little help to get by, and sometimes you need a bit more. Getting that larger loan to make ends meet or for that unforeseen emergency doesn't have to be impossible to pay back, and TB Goods is here to help. Whenever you take a collateral-based loan of $1000 or more, no matter what your history or credit, we'll give you a low, industry-leading 10% finance charge rate! That means tremendous savings, and a loan that is much more manageable and easier to pay off!

How It Works:

Saving money with our Preferred Rate couldn't be simpler! Once you made at least 10 loans with us in a year's time, one of our Sales and Lending associates will sign you up for our lower preferred rate. That's it! No long forms or confirmation...just a great little bonus for getting the cash loans you need when you need them.

Taking a step up from our already-low Preferred Rate, our VIP rate is another way for us to say Thank You...and it will save you even more! We give you a just-as-easy way to become a VIP when you've taken advantage of our cash loans in minutes and made good on redeeming your items.

      Our Low Rate For Large Loans:

 Automatic on every loan of $1000 or more.

      Our Low Preferred Rate:

 Make ten or more loans annually with TB Goods.

    Our Even-Lower VIP Program:


       Maintain at least a 90% redemption ratio on at least ten loans annually.

    So how much more can you save?
                Let’s look at some examples:                                   

Let's say you needed a $500 loan, and you're ready to redeem. After just 60 days, here's how some of the costs breakdown...

  What kind of savings does this all translate into? Well, a $500 loan at most other places can cost you $750 or more over the standard length of the loan...yikes!...with TB Goods Preferred Rate, that same $500 loan would only cost $600 within the first 30 days of the loan and $650 up to the 60th day, and as a VIP it would only cost $575 within the first 30 days and ....and the savings would just keep adding up!

   Remember, on all loans of $1000 or more, you are automatically set at a 10% finance charge! That could save you $300 or more in the first 60 days!

...combine those savings with our Price-Match-Plus! and you can be assured you are getting the best value, the best savings, and the best service!The Preferred Rate and VIP Program are just two more ways that TB Goods offers the best goods, the best service, and the best prices!