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We are currently accepting the listed items for buys and collateral loans based on item condition, resale value and availability of space. Before you bring a large item to a TB Goods branch, you should call ahead to verify there is enough space for your item. If you are unsure about a particular item that is not listed, call to speak with one of our Sales & Lending Associates for more information on what we are currently able to accept as we are constantly growing and striving to find new ways to accommodate our customers. We buy and lend on many sports memorabilia and sporting goods equipment so if you don't see your item listed, just email us or give us a call.


- Bicycles

    - Game Jerseys 

- Tricycles

    - Autographs

- Golf Clubs

    - Rare Sports Cards

- Tennis Racquets

    - Game-Used Equipment

- Bows & Arrows

    - Vintage Memorabilia

- Pool Table

    - Fitness Equipment

- Air Hockey Table

    - Rare Gaming Goods

- Foosball Table

    - Surf Boards 

- Table Tennis

     - Leisure Items