The Price-Match-Plus Guarantee

TBGoods now offers a guaranteed way to know you are getting the most money for your precious metals and other goods: our Price-Match-Plus guarantee! Anytime you bring in your valuable items for loan or to sell, we put our best foot forward to help you out and give you the best price. Feel like shopping around? We're confident enough of our pricing that we'll print out a quote with that price. It's good for up to three days, so that will give you plenty of time to look around at the competition and see this for yourself...and if you manage to get a printed quote from somewhere else for more than the amount we quoted, we'll match the amount plus 20% of the difference! 

How It Works

 Say you bring in that old broken gold necklace that's been sitting on the dresser, or that heavy gold hoop earring that you never could find the match too. We'll do our best to give you a fair price for the gold value of what you bring in, and if you'd like we can print a quote for you. You can be assured of getting the best price because of our Price Match Plus...if we quote you $500 for your gold, and you bring in a printed quote from a competitor for $600, we'll match it plus add 20% of the difference...meaning you'll walk out with $620...$20 more than our competitors! We are that confident that we can provide the best prices, the best customer service, and the best overall experience for you.

 Best of all, with our Niton X-ray Florescence Metals scanner, you'll be confident in seeing the exact percentage and make-up of the jewelry or scrap that you bring in, and know you are getting the best value!