Whether it's that favorite kids movie that they've seen a million times, that greatest hits CD that you've kept in the car for road trips, or maybe that game disc that you left out of it's case when you were done playing...discs get scratched, and that can affect their playback, make them unplayable, or even damage the system you are trying to play them on!

Don't panic, we're here to help.

Don't try this at home!

TB Goods can resurface your discs to make them good-as-new by using a multi-step wet repair polish & resurfacing system, whether it's a compact disc, DVD, Blu-ray, or game system disc such as the X-Box 360 or Playstation 3...even from older systems!

Can't play that classic Playstation One game because of a few scratches? Did your roommate use your prized copy of Virtua Fighter for Sega Saturn as a coaster? Bring them in to TB Goods!

Buffing - A Good Idea Gone Bad

Other places may try to 'fix' your discs by buffing the scratches out....(that's not a good thing!)....and then there are those kits to fix discs yourself at home...(also not a good thing!)....and maybe you've read some of the 'home remedies' around the internet....(probably a very bad thing!)....yet none of these actually fix your discs. Buffing will wear away at the clear polymer shell that protects the disc, glues and polishes cause the discs to be uneven, and sometimes under the extreme speeds reached spinning the disc to read, any of these can lead to cracking and even shattering!

TB Goods' resurfacing, however, is a repair process. Using a patented multi-step wet repair system, the disc is finely sanded to remove up to some of the deepest scratches and gouges, and then polished and resurfaced to perfection. The result? Good as new! And with prices starting at just $1.49 for CDs & DVDs, and game disc repairs starting at just $2.99, it's a small price to pay for a new life in your discs!