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A special inside look at the special music industry that goes on behind the pawn industry special .
Legendary Producer and belt model, Chris ‘C-rock’, seen here in the mixing studio, circa 1972. Started in the 1970s above a soup kitchen, TBG Records and Music Management was to be widely influential in the music industry in the next decades, with a string of artists, a string of #1 hits, and a string of musical legends.  “It was a different time back then,” Chris ‘C-rock’ said, “Because, you know, it was back then, and not now.”
K-Mac & Rob “HBiC-to-the-3”, seen here playing a tricked out game on a Nintendo Wii.

Knowing they needed a solid hit to start their recording company in the right direction, legendary producers Kris ‘K-Mac’ and Chris ‘C-Rock’ brought in legendary music mixer Rob “HBiC-to-the-3” to work the boards.

“We still ran the pawn shop, but the music was where our love was.” Rob ‘HBiC-to-the-3’ said.

“Maybe not ‘love’,” Kris ‘K-Mac’ added, “…but there was definitely a ‘like’…Like you ‘like’ a friend because he’s got a car and you need a ride.”

“Every Monday is Meatloaf Day” -The Future Lunch Ladies (L-R, Kayla & Andi) Music historians are quick to point out that each song can produce botulism-like symptoms when played backwards (or forwards).

First to sign with TBG Records was a folk-duo, The Future Lunch Ladies. “I’m not sure if they were all that good, and they weren’t actually lunch ladies.” legendary producer Chris ‘C-Rock’ later admitted.

Kris ‘K-Mac’ agreed. “They were really bad, but they served salisbury steak as they played, which is alright, I guess.”

“Andy Parker Unplugged” holds the distinction of the being only album prohibited in most national parks.

Next, the legendary company expanded out in alternative-country, a bold move at the time. While other artists were going back to their folk-acoustic roots, and decades beforeMTV’s Unpluggedbecame a huge hit, Andy Parker took a similar but different direction.

“He wanted to play alone, out in the woods, and I was okay with that, so were both of his fans.” – Andy’s former manager.

“By Request Only” by Ben (just Ben) Pictured: Ben’s suit was made of 90% post-consumer plastics.

Fearing their experimental music went a bit ‘too far’, they turned to Vegas lounge singer, Ben (just Ben), to put out an album of American standards.

Recorded live in a Motel 6 Waffle House off of Interstate 10, this album proved popular to a specific demographic that was made up entirely by Ben’s wife.

Big Papi’s debut album with TBG in 1982. Unfortunately the recording budget was not enough to purchase pants.

With their last three artists skyrocketing to the top of the charts, the legendary TBG Records decided to try and capture some of the global music market by signing teen heart-throb, Big Papi.

“It’s safe to say we hit it out of the park by signing him.” – Legendary Producer Kris ‘K-Mac’

Please, ladies…you can stop staring. He’s married.

Punk Boy Band, “Better Than A Dude” (L-R: Timmm, Jasun, A-Ron, Drü) seen here after receiving their tetanus shots, showing what happens when they are allowed to dress themselves.

Wanting new blood in the studio and a new direction in sound, a new group was sought out to help revitalize TBG Records. They went to legendary club CBGB’s to scout new talent.

Unfortunately, the best they could find was punk/boy-band, Better Than A Dude in an alley out back.

“They were digging through the dumpster, looking for chicken bones and clothes that were ripped up more than what they were wearing.” – Legendary Producer Chris ‘C-Rock’

Prince is rumored to have changed his name after seeing this.

Going for broke in the music department but still going strong in the retail stores, TBG Music decided the best course was to sign a pop-funk duo, Angel & Sean…even going so far as to give them the legendary name ‘TBGoods’.

“They played me these amazing songs,” Kris ‘K-Mac’ recalls, “I was blown away by how good they were…of course, later on I realized it was just them playing the soundtrack to Purple Rain through a boombox. Man, I love that movie….”


“Ultimately, we had to make a choice, and decided the TBGoods stores should be our main focus.” Kris ‘K-Mac’ stated in an interview. Shuttering the doors to the legendary music industry (to much public rejoicing) and concentrating on their legendary retail operations (also to public rejoicing), some days you can still talk shop with some of the artists currently working there.

This has been Behind the Music – The TBG Records Story.

These days, the most common remnants of TBG Records can be found on old vinyl on eBay for $200, or in thrift stores for about 10-cents.