Team TBGoods

  • Be a part of a diverse team working in a very supportive & friendly atmosphere.
  • Gain valuable product and pricing knowledge about an assortment of items.
  • Competitive pay with Bonus & Commissions available, with upper mobility opportunities.
  • Develop and master sales, communication and other life skills, while completing on-going education.


Chris joined the TBGoods team at the beginning of 2022. He enjoys spending quality time with his children and family. Chris enjoys grilling, music, and all things fun. He is fitting in nicely with our Team and has a bright future ahead.


Angel has been with TBGoods for over 11 years now, and she is a vital part of our operations. She loves spending time with her animals and family. Angel is a video gaming expert, and knows all things ‘Pawn Shop’. Say Hello to her next time you visit TBGoods.


Rob has been a part of the TBGoods family for over 15 years. He loves his children, and his family. Rob is a local Gainesvillian and is known in the community for his Car Audio and Jewerly repair experience. Come by and say Hi to Rob!


Maria has been part of the TBGoods family for over 5 years. She is our Ebay & Jewelry expert. A native Gainesville resident and serving the people of Alachua County for over 30 years. Maria loves her family, fur babies, enjoys gardening, and anything outdoors.


Noah has been working at TBGoods for over 7 years. He is also one of our Firearms experts. Noah enjoys watching Green Bay Packers and the Florida Gators play football, and also spending time with family and friends.


Tim has been working with TBGoods in Gainesville and Alachua as our Firearms expert for many years. He enjoys working on his farm, and spending time with loved ones. If you want to know something about firearms, Tim is your guy!


Izzy is another new 2022 addition to the TBGoods team. She brings a bright energy to the Pawnbroker counter. Izzy works hard as a student, and also finds time for fun with her family and friends.


Janecia joined the team in 2022 and has worked in the electronic industry for 3 years. She’s always dependable and is our first line tech support for repairs and electronic diagnostics.


Eliah is a great addition to our TBGoods family. He focuses on being a student, athletics, and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Eliah is an excellent addition to our sales team, and also is knowledgeable with electronics, games, and more!


Bruce is a very important part of the TBGoods family. Supporting behind the scenes as our small engine mechanic, groundskeeper, and all-round repair guy. Bruce allows us to provide quality pre-owned lawn, and other small engine equipment for our customers.


Kris is the owner of TBGoods. He’s been in the business since he graduated from Gainesville High School in 1993. He prides himself and the business on being customer service driven. He enjoys spending time with his family and coaching softball. 


Katie grew up with the pawn shop through her Uncle Larry (RIP) who started it, her Mom & Dad who continued it, and now her big brother Kris who made it the top-rated pawn shop in North Central Florida. She represents the TBGoods with honesty, integrity and a great big smile.