Jewelry Appraisals

TBGoods provides independent Jewelry Appraisals by a GIA graduate for less money than our competitors.  An appraisal is a description and valuation of property. The value stated on the appraisal is the opinion of the appraiser based on their research and experience.

Appraisals are done for many reasons, here are a few of them:

  • In order to insure your jewelry, most insurance companies will require a professional written appraisal.
  • An appraisal educates you on the finer details of your jewelry such as diamond weight, cut, clarity, metal quality, designer considerations, etc.
  • Your jewelry is lost or stolen, knowing the details of what has gone missing gives you a “road-map” for potentially recovering your jewelry or replacing your piece at a later date.
  • An appraisal provides you with proof of ownership and the approximate value of your item.
  • Internet Jewelry Purchases – An appraisal can verify that the jewelry purchased off the internet matches the certification or appraisal that accompanies the item.