In-Store Services

In addition to the great deals on loans and selling your merchandise, we offer a number of other services in our stores for your convenience, and the best customer service experience.

From our warrantied New Mobile Audio products, getting pre-paid minutes for your phone, paying your phone bill for Budget Home Phone service, to using our new state-of-the-art jewelry services for cleaning, repair and appraisals…and don’t forgot to take advantage of our layaway program, so you can purchase the goods you need, and pay it off at your convenience!

Stop by today!

Rewards Program

TB Goods has another way to save you money just by doing what you already love to do: shop!

It’s all part of our Rewards Program! Whenever you make a purchase at TB Goods, you’ll earn Reward Points automatically. At a 4% return rate, they

really start to add up.

That means a dollar for every $25 that you spend! These can be used as store credit towards future purchases. No hassles, no long

forms or waiting for refunds, no little discount cards to lose… just more great deals on top of already great prices! Only at TB Goods!

We also offer professional jewelry appraisals, watch repairs, loose diamond sales, and free written estimates on your jewelry’s value. Getting something

absolutely perfect has never been easier. *Reward points expire in 6 months

Jewelry Repair & Watch Services

We can even work with you to create custom jewelry pieces. With our new state-of-the-art jewelry workstations, you’ll be amazed by the quickness and

convenience of our repair and maintenance services, as well as the ease and ability of custom jewelry design.. .and most of all, by the savings! Stop by

and let one of our friendly sales & lending associates show you why our customer service is unmatched.

Here is a list of the jewelry services we complete with our unique skillsets and creativity:

Professional Appraisals by GIA Graduate

• Laser Welding of Jewelry

• Free Written Estimates on yourjewelry’s value

• Loose Diamond Sales

• Watch Repair

• Soldering Jobs

• Costume Jewelry Repair

• Eyeglass Frame Repair/Welding

• Ring Prong Repair

• Repair & Re-Size Rings

• Watch Battery Replacement & Watch Repair

• Professional Jewelry Cleaning and Sen.’icing

• Jump Ring & Clasp Replacement

• Charm & Pendant Bail Replacement

• Replacing & Tightening Of Stones

• Chain & Bracelet Repairs

Whether you are selling jewelry for cash or need service for your jewelry, we are your go-to pawn shop in Gainesville and Alachua, Florida. Find great

deals on jewelry for sale, jewelry services, and much more.

Layaway 10% Down on All Items: All Year Around

TBGood’s offers convenient 10% Down Layaway plans so you can get the items you want based on your budget. We offer Layaway on jewelry, musical

instruments, gaming systems, tools, electronics, and car audio equipment. Not all stores offer this same-as-cash program, nor do they offer it all year

long. You can start your Christmas shopping early by putting those items you want on Layaway and avoid the hassles of crowds, holiday overspending,

and headaches.

Protections Plans- Extended Warranties

Getting a great price is just the start of the value and savings you can expect from our pawn shops in Gainesville and Alachua, Florida. You can now be

assured of the quality ofyour purchases from TB Goods and get protection that covers everyday wear and tear problems and more. That’s what our

protection plans and extended service plan are all about.

What Purchases Are Eligible For Coverage

•One-year Extended Service Plan: available for jewelry items purchased at 599.99 or greater (excluding watches) for only an additional 10%. This service plan covers

buffing and polishing, soldering chains, earring repair, refinishing white gold, resetting diamonds and gemstones, and more!

•Six-Month Protection Plan: available for new mobile audio and electronics purchased at S99.99 or greater for only an additional 15%. We also recommend having

your purchase professionally installed by a Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) to take advantage of your six-month protection plan available at our

pawn shops in Gainesville and Alachua.

• 60-Day Protection Plan: available for pre-owned electronics, computers, game systems, and televisions purchased at 599.99 or more for only an additional 10%.

Buy with confidence, knowing that if that laptop slows down, that X-Box One stops playing, or that TV stops working, we’ve got you covered!

Disc Repair Services

TB Goods can resurface your discs to make them good-as-new by using a multi-step wet repair polish & resurfacing system, whether it’s a compact disc,

DVD, Blu-ray, or game system disc such as the X-Box One or Playstation 4— even from older systems!

Can’t play that Playstation 4 or XBox One game because of a few scratches? Did your roommate use your prized copy of Virtua Fighter for Sega Saturn as

a coaster? Bring them in to TB Goods!

Other places may try to ‘fix’ your discs by buffing the scratches out (not good!) or there are those kits to fix discs yourself at home (also not good!) Maybe

you’ve read some of the ‘home remedies’ around the internet (probably a very bad thing!) yet none of these actually fix your discs. Buffing will wear away

at the clear polymer shell that protects the disc, glues and polishes cause the discs to be uneven, and sometimes under the extreme speeds reached

spinning the disc to read, any of these can lead to cracking and even shattering!

TBGoods’ resurfacing, however, is a repair process. Using a patented multi-step wet repair system, the disc is finely sanded to remove up to some of the

deepest scratches and gouges, and then polished and resurfaced to perfection. The result? Good as new! And with prices starting at just .99 cents for

CDs & DVDs, and

game disc repairs starting at just $1.99, it’s a small price to pay for a new life in your discs!

Jewelry Design & Creation

You have the perfect ring in mind – now let TB Goods help you create it!

With our state-of-the-art, custom design and manufacture stations, we work with you to find the design that matches your vision. With a nearly unlimited

array of gems, settings, colors, styles – even different metals! – the pros at TB Goods bring your vision to life.

Whether it’s the perfect ring to help you pop the question, a special gift for the big anniversary, or a charm that tells that special someone how you really

feel, you’ll receive the jewelry you want at a price found nowhere else.

We also provide an array of professional jewelry services for those who have a piece they already love but need fixed up.

Hydro-Dipping Services

Hydro-Dipping is a surface decoration technology that uses a specialized film printed on materials such as plastics, metals, wood, etc. Firearms, Guitars

Yetti cups/mugs, dash kits, archery equipment, auto interiors„ handles, switches and many other items can be hydro-dripped. It creates new color and

appearance on the printed product and can enhance its value. Starting at just S19.99, contact our Alachua store for this service. 386 518-6065.

Impact Etched Engraving

Now it’s easier than ever to add that special message or memorable photo or image onto the perfect gift for someone special (or even for yourself!). TB

Goods Text & Image Impact Printer can do more than just simple engraving. Quickly and easily add text, photos, logos and other artwork to a wide

variety of metal and acrylic items from souvenirs and plaques to charms and pendants.

Personalize that iPhone or iPad with your school logo. Add that personal message to let mom know just how much you love her. Take that picture of your

three-year-old and make it last forever. Make a Christmas ornament this year that will dazzle and sparkle for years to come. The possibilities are endless!

Come in and speak with an associate today, and let’s make something that really stands out as yours! Starting atjust $4.99!!


We are a License Federal Firearms Dealer. We specialize in the resell of Firearms, ammunition & accessories. As a license pawnbroker we also provide

loans and or can outright purchase your unwanted Firearms. For a small fee we can even accept a Gun transfer from another FFL Dealer on your behalf.