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September 20, 2010

Down At The Pawn Shop

History channel and other cables stations have been airing shows about pawn shops so we decided to start a blog. We are a pawn shop located in Gaineesville, Florida and have been in business for approximately 17 years. We just recently opened our second location in Alachua, Florida in June 2010 and hope that it’s opening will be well received and that we will flourish in this developing town.

Pawn shops, for most of history, have been received by the community as a scary place to be where the corners are cobwebbed and decor is in need of a woman’s touch. Glass is dirty and floors have piles of used items with limited shelving. Men run the place and are rough necked and greedy.
Well, sorry if we can’t live up to your image, but we at TB Goods like cleanliness, organization, good lighting, and women. We have a staff of men and women who keep the place looking sharp and eager to help anyone who walks in the door. Our eagerness is not for your money but to show you what cool things we have and talk about football or the weather. We are a friendly group who don’t want to scare you!
Come and look at all the cool things we have! How about a Gibson Les Paul Guitar or a diamond covered platinum ring? It’s all more affordable than most stores and in great condition. Why buy anything at retail prices when you can get it cheaper in our store? Great unique items that are truly one of a kind. Do you like games? We’ve got a wall full of them ranging from Playstation to Nintendo and Xbox. We even have classics like Super Mario on SNES.
We also have an Ebay store where we showcase most of our unique items but anyone can stop in either of our store locations to truly experience what we are all about…

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