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January 22, 2011
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February 28, 2011

This Post Goes To 11…

Today we are going to let loose our creative side and see about making some music. Whatever kind of music you are into, and no matter how large scale or size of space you are going to fill, we have got you covered here at TB Goods…so let’s breakdown a few of the many options we have here that will help you be the next rock star!


Guitars! Everyone’s played air guitar along with a song on the radio, and maybe you’ve gotten the high score on one of the Rock Band or Guitar Hero games…now you’re ready to move on to the real thing. Generally speaking, there are two types of guitars, electric and acoustic. Acoustic guitars are larger, will have hollow bodies, and have a great, smooth sound without any extra equipment needed. They will either have steel strings or use nylon strings…these are called ‘classical guitars’. Electric guitars have pickups, which are little magnetic loops of coiled wire that ‘pick up’ the vibration of the strings above them. Electric guitars require an amplifier of some sort to get some real sound out of them, and these amps can be combined with all sorts of effects to provide just about any sound imaginable from a guitar.

Drums! What’s a good guitarist without any rhythm? If your passion is drumming, we’ve got you covered here, too. A typical drum kit will include a bass drum (the large one that sits up on its side on the floor) toms (deeper pitched, but available in a wide range of tones) snares (a tinny, snapping ‘drum-roll’ sound) and cymbals (large, usually brass composite, giving a ‘crash’ sound). Whether you’re looking for a nice starter kit, something more complex, or even just another piece to add to you drums you’re using now, stop by and see what we’ve got.

It’s not all about rockin’ out, either. Joining a school band usually means buying or renting an expensive instrument, only to see your child’s interest in it fade after the year’s done. Clarinets, flutes, trumpets and loads of other woodwinds and brass for marching bands are usually in stock. Woodwinds are instruments that are played through either special whistle-like blowing into the mouthpiece (such as with a flute) or with the tones produced from a small, flat wooden reed on a mouthpiece (such as a clarinet’s or a saxophone). Brass instruments are, understandable, usually made of brass, and are played by puckering up and blowing through closed lips through the mouthpiece to create a buzzing sound that is amplified by the shape and length of the instrument.

It might get loud….Earlier when I mentioned electric guitars, amplifiers were briefly mentioned, but there are more types of amps than just guitar amps. If you’re ready to hit the big time and get loud in front of a lot of people, or maybe you’re looking to make that next family reunion or church function a little more lively, you might be ready to step up to some PA equipment. PA is the general term used for Public Address equipment, or equipment used for large groups of people. Think about it…for probably less than the price of hiring someone to DJ that next family reunion, you could get microphones and all the PA equipment yourself and be the star. Everything from large amps, powered mixers to get the different inputs at the correct levels, and the right speakers to use…we’ve got it all in stock, and can help you put together what you need without going way over budget and still be that rock star you want to be.

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