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December 26, 2014
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Diamonds: Let’s Cut to the Chase

When people look at the value of a diamond, there are generally four qualities that are looked at to determine the value of the diamond, also known as the Four C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

We’re going to look at one of the most dramatic of these characteristics, and one that can truly add or take away from the overall impression of the stone: the cut of the diamond.

The cut specifically refers to the angles and proportions created when a diamond cutter transforms the rough diamond into its final polished state. Think of a prism, where all that light bounces around inside and is broken up and reflected back. A well-cut diamond will have the right proportions where that light is maximized and gives the best ‘sparkle’.

The cut dictates the diamond’s light performance….so in other words, the cut is the determining factor behind your diamond’s sparkle (brilliance). A diamond that has been well cut will reflect light internally, from one mirror-like facet to another, dispersing it evenly through the crown (top) of the diamond. If it has been cut too shallow and wide, the diamond will lose light through the bottom. If it has been cut too deep and narrow, the diamond will lose light through its sides.

When purchasing a diamond, we highly recommend sticking to the highest available cut grade within your intended budget, simply because the cut of a diamond has perhaps the strongest influence on its appearance….just think about it: that quality that diamonds are most known for is determined more by the cut of the diamond than any other quality.

Natural, uncut diamond.

Natural, uncut diamond.

A well cut diamond is also the sign of a skilled craftsman, getting the most out of a stone. After all, with a diamond, once part of it is cut (referred to as ‘cleaving’) it can’t be undone! A skilled gemologist that works to cut a diamond has to look at the overall quality of the stone and determine what the best cut will be to get the most value, emphasize the other characteristics, and minimize any flaws in the stone, all without being able to undo anything that’s done to the stone…this can be a high-pressure task!

The Cut of a diamond will also refer to it’s overall shape, which can have an impact of it’s value as well. Diamonds can be (and have been) cut into all types of shapes, usually chosen to emphasize the diamond’s brilliance or to fit into a specific jewelry setting.

Want to see just how the cut of a diamond can enhance it’s brilliance? Stop by either TBGoods location and one of our associates will take the time to go through some of our large selection of diamonds…you’ll feel like an expert in no time!



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