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Only TBGoods offers a  ‘Price-Match-Plus!’ Guarantee on all of your valuables and Discounted Loan Rates with our Preferred & VIP programs!

Be confident you are getting the most money on all your items & the lowest rates, whether you are looking for a loan or you are selling your item outright!

Do you need instant cash from a quick and easy collateral loan?
Looking to sell your quality pre-owned item for a fair price?
Are you tired of paying the same high interest rate and would like to be rewarded for your loyalty?
Are you finally ready to upgrade from your current item to something new and improved?
TBGoods of Gainesville & Alachua has you covered. Part of this community for over 20 years; let us show you why we are North Central Florida’s Premier Choice for collateralized pawn loans and quality pre-owned merchandise. We make it easy; just bring your items to our Gainesville or Alachua location or request an online quote (link) within one business day. If you accept our offer, show us your valid state ID or passport and receive your cash; it’s just that simple! Unlike banks that require near-perfect credit ratings, income verification forms and long approval times, with TBGoods, the loan or buy process literally takes minutes – we really mean minutes. We will even come to your home for an in-home evaluation if certain requirements are met.

All that’s involved are 3 easy steps …

  1. Visit our Gainesville shop or Alachua shop with your item(s) or request an online quote within 1 business day.
  2. Receive a quote and accept offer.
  3. Show us a valid state ID or passport and receive your cash loan.

Discounted Loan Rates

We’ve made it even easier to save money at TBGoods with our discounted loan rates and our new Preferred Rate & VIP Programs!

TBGoods has been there for you when you needed a little extra help, and to show our continued loyalty and thanks, TBGoods will give you our Preferred Rate, lowering your finance charge, reducing the amount it costs to redeem your items…and that all adds up to saving you money!

In addition to the great customer service and low rates from the Preferred Rate, there’s our VIP Program where you’ll get up to 10% off all your loans! That’s savings that can add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and just another way that TBGoods offers the best services and prices, and the best value for your money.

How It Works:

Saving money with our Preferred Rate couldn’t be simpler! Once you made at least 10 loans with us in a year’s time, one of our Sales and Lending associates will sign you up for our lower preferred rate. That’s it! No long forms or confirmation— just a great little bonus for getting the cash loans you need when you need them.

Taking a step up from our already-low Preferred Rate, our VIP rate is another way for us to say Thank You…and it will save you even more! We give you a just-as-easy way to become a VIP when you’ve taken advantage of our cash loans in minutes and made good on redeeming your items with a 90% or higher redemption rate with at least 10 loans in a years time.

Combine those savings with our Price-Match-Plus! and you can be assured you are getting the best value, the best savings, and the best service! The Preferred Rate and VIP Program are just two more ways that TB Goods offers the best goods, the best service, and the best prices.

Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 Series XRF Analyzer!

The Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 Series x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer is engineered for the most demanding needs. When speed, accuracy, and reliability count, the combination of hardware, software, and direct industry experience helps meet any analytical requirements. With one simple trigger pull, almost instantly you will have an accurate purity analysis  for on-the-spot sorting and valuation of gold and all precious metals…as well as quantification of other desirable and undesirable elements. Because the XRF analyzer teams up with our Price-Match-Plus! guarantee, we get you the most money for your jewelry and scrap metal. Because of the value of these metals, it’s vital that no material is lost in the testing process and that you get paid for all of the metal’s contents.

With the expertise of our skilled team, knowledge of updated price indexes, and high grade equipment like the Niton XRF Metals Analyzer, you’ll receive the fairest offer in Florida and beyond. And to make sure the offer you receive from TBGoods is the highest paying, as well as the fairest, we offer everyone our Price-Match-Plus Guarantee.

Precious Metal Specialist

We have been buying gold, silver, platinum, coins and other metals for over 20 years now.
As a pawn shop in North Central Florida, our customers have depended on us during this time for buying back their precious metals – in any condition – at the absolute highest price. We give our customers a free printed estimate for any metal item they bring in and let them decide whether they want straight cash or a pawn shop loan.

With this guarantee, you’re able to receive an offer from us and take time to search around for better offers. If you find a better offer, we offer you 20% of the difference on top of our initial offer – no questions asked. And if you don’t find a better offer, we’ll stick by our initial offer without penalizing you for looking elsewhere.

Some of the precious metals we buy and lend on include:

  • Scrap Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium
  • Coins, Bullion and Ingots
  • Antique and Modern Jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, & anklets)
  • Dental Gold
  • Silverware and Flatware
  • And so much more …

TBGoods offers free in-store estimates, online quotes within one business day, click here to receive a quote or to schedule an in-store appointment or In-Home evaluation.